Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Waterhorse: Legend Of The Deep

I took my nine-year-old son to see Water Horse: Legend of the Deep today. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Although the movie was very predictable, there were also some suspenseful scenes that were fun and intense, to offset the obvious outcome. I agree with my son on this one. It was basically a very good family film.

This film may be considered a period piece although the movie is a story being told by an old man (whose identity isn't revealed until the very end...but you already know who he is). Within the story, there are flashback sequences, which really creates three periods, as opposed to a single period. However, the majority of the film takes place in Scotland during World War II. The attention to detail was adequate to transport you back in time. The costumes, vehicles, scenery and dialogue all support the period exceptionally.

The casting in this film also intrigued me. I did not know a lot of the actors, other than Brian Cox, who plays the role of the storyteller. Cox was a regular for a period of time on HBO's Deadwood series. The female lead in this movie is played by Emily Watson. What intrigued me is that there was an element of a love story to this film (albeit an unresolved love story). Emily Watson is an attractive lady, but she doesn't exude that cookie cutter beauty that Hollywood seems enamored with. Instead, she portrays an inner beauty that isn't muffled by exotic looks or "enhanced" body parts. There is nothing like watching a period piece starring an actor or actress who has had obvious plastic surgery.

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CaptainD said...

As you say, this was a nice enough kid's film, but nothing amazing for any adults watching.

Emily Watson has a strange sort of attractiveness... she's not obviously beautiful, but I found that her atraction grew as the film went on.