Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Mist

As always, Stephen King is a master story teller. This story adapts well to the big screen. The story departs from your normal hollywood fare, keeping things interesting, keeping you guessing, and ultimately causing deep though-provoking ideas, rather than a feel-good ending.

The camera angles are very interesting in this movie. You sometimes feel as if you are moving among the characters in the story. The video is not over-stabilized, giving movement a more realistic feel. The special effects in this movie are appropriate without being overdone. The gore is gory but not unbearable in the least. The characters that are animated in this movie are not overdone.

The characters in this story were from a variety of backgrounds. Some were strong characters, while other characters you "know in passing." The casting was effective in finding good strong characters to carry the movie along. The plot contains many smaller sub-plots containing challenging issues requiring believability. The study of human behavior in this film relies heavily on the casting. The casting effectively delivered on this premise.

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