Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smokin' Aces

Once again I found myself surfing my On Demand choices when I came across Smokin' Aces. I vaguely remembered the trailers for this film when it was in theaters last year and thought it looked interesting. With nothing better to do, I figured I'd spend an hour and a half seeing what this movie was all about. Note: This review will reveal minor details about the plot.

The end game in this movie is a bit predictable. However, getting there is the challenge. There are so many plot lines and bizarre dialogue that the movie will keep your head spinning. There were zany exchanges between some of the characters that I found humorous in an odd way. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue in this movie. It was not very traditional, but it was refreshing in a strange sort of way. The plot might be compared to Pulp Fiction in some respects, but another movie that popped into my mind while watching this film was It's a Mad, Mad World. Kudos to Joe Carnahan for keeping the dialogue interesting.

All I can say is this...if you want action, you've got it. There is so much movement in this film that you really have to pay attention to keep up. Many different characters start out on different paths to the same destination and cross at varying intervals. The exchanges that occur during these intersections are interesting. It had to be difficult to keep up with what which characters knew at any given time in the film, in order to have those characters react appropriately to what they were perceiving. If that sounds confusing, you can get a glimpse into what the writers had to deal with in keeping track of their own characters. The action was non-stop.

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