Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warriors of Terra

What do you get when a bunch of Animal Rights Activists attempt to free lab animals from a high tech laboratory? What happens when the Activists aren’t even old enough to shave? You end up with a hot mess…that’s what happens. The story looks like it was written by people with less life experience than the youngsters who star in this forgettable film. From top to bottom, Warriors of Terra is a useless film that will do little more than waste your time.

Every plot should have an element of believability. This film starts with a premise that could possibly work and then gerrymanders any probability out of the story. Beyond the many flaws in the writing, the characters are inconsistent (their traits are either flat or change without explanation), the dialogue is immature and the underlying premise is stretched as far as it can possibly be stretched. In short, the writing provided a faulty foundation for the rest of the movie to build upon.

Warriors of Terra tells the story of a group of Animal Rights activists who decide to infiltrate a high tech research lab and free the poor lab rats. This extremely (we are led to believe) high tech laboratory that is based in a large complex is protected by two minimum-wage security guards. That is difficult enough to believe on the surface, especially with the secrets allegedly being guarded within. The back-story picks up as we go along…with a disenfranchised young lady who “only wants daddy to notice her.” Her father happens to be the researcher who developed the biggest secret hidden within the complex.

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