Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

What happens when a Private Investigator reluctantly agrees to assist in locating a missing child? With a bumpy road that darts in different directions, suspense and second guessing keep you glued to your seat. Just when you think you have figured things out they spin the other way. In a word...excellence.

Gone Baby, Gone begins with an excellent script. The writing produces fantastic dialogue that is both believable and sharp. The exchanges are sometimes direct while at other times allude to an undercurrent of events. The plot is intricate and interesting. By using frequent misdirection, telling the story from the point of view of a private investigator, you are never really sure who to trust. The movie ends up with a resolution that creates as many questions as it answers. The thought provoking nature of this film and less than fairy tale ending elevate the overall telling of the tale. The characters are well developed and create a bond with the audience that is tangible. The writing in this film created a solid foundation upon which everything else rested.

The acting in Gone Baby, Gone was headlined by Casey Affleck who delivered an impeccable performance under the watchful eye of his Director/Brother, Ben Affleck. Casey provided sharp delivery pulling off a tough guy role with ease. Casey plays Patrick Kenzie, who is hired to find the missing daughter of a local drug addict. In the course of his investigation, Casey discovers interesting details at every turn. As he gets pointed in one direction after another, the big picture slowly develops leading us to a perplexing set of circumstances and a tough decision. Michelle Monaghan plays Casey Affleck's significant other in this film, bringing strength and conviction to her role. Morgan Freeman has a brief but important role in this film...giving us his standard impeccable performance. The rest of the cast are solid, giving us dimension and holding our interest while keeping us guessing between the good guys and the bad guys.

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