Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Return

I was sitting on the couch browsing the movies available On Demand and thought that The Return looked interesting. I didn't bother checking Epinions for reviews before starting this movie. It didn't cost anything, so I guess I didn't really consider it an investment. However, I did invest 85 minutes in this film. I don't think I'm getting any return on my investment. I am going to give this movie a slightly higher rating than the other reviews on Epinions. This movie is stuck at a solid ONE star...I will break from the crowd and give it two. I thought about turning it off, but something kept me watching...I guess it was good enough to finish...or maybe it was just morbid curiosity.

As I mentioned in the opening...this movie was a psychological thriller that offered no new twists. It was a basic psychological thriller. No frills attached. I was hoping that some interesting twist was right around the corner but it was so predictable it was scary (the predictability, not the movie). The movie was written by Adam Sussman who is now working on the television series Night Stalker. (NOTE TO SELF: Do not watch the television series Night Stalker). The dialogue wasn't necessarily bad, but there really wasn't much dialogue to be had. Most of the film was visual, and for 85 minutes (which is a fairly short movie) it felt like three hours. This movie moved slow. This could have been an HBO short and still covered the same amount of ground. The writing was horrible.

Ahhh, A bright point. Sarah Michelle Gellar. She has been in many, many movies, but I liked her best in the Scooby Doo films. What the heck was she thinking when she opted to do this film? She was good in this movie, but it was just so slow. She really didn't have much of an opportunity to showcase her talents. Peter O'Brien appears to have starred in many Australian films, but none that I have seen. His performance was okay, nothing to brag about. How does Sam Shepherd go from The Notebook to Bandidas and this piece of crap? His talented was completely wasted on this film. His role was very limited, but what we saw of him was solid. The rest of the cast have resumes, but none of them were worth mentioning. They all had limited roles playing characters that I really didn't care about.

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