Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flushed Away

I wasn't really sure what to expect from Flushed Away. I expect a lot from the people at Dreamworks. The last movie I can remember similar to this one was Wallace and Grommit, which was referenced in this movie. I wasn't very impressed with Wallace and Grommit although I enjoyed the animation. This movie was slightly better. Both movies are geared toward younger audiences. However, many movies aimed at younger audiences are equally fun for adults. A movie like Spiderwick Chronicles can appeal to younger audiences and still captivate the adults who accompany the target audience.

This movie was written by a group of writers. This collaborative effort produced decent dialogue dotted with puns. The writing was designed to target a younger audience and was dumbed down at times to the point of being a bit tedious. The dialogue was decent, but used devices like toilet humor to get laughs. Okay, the toilet is part of the movie...I get it. There are a lot of visual gags in this movie incorporated into the storyline. These gags aren't really funny unless you are eight. They way overdid the getting hit in the crotch idea. There were some decent visual gags.

The plot in this movie isn't unlike that of many other animated films. It follows the travails of a rat who gets flushed into the sewer system and tries to find his way home. Only home isn't where he thinks it is (metaphorically speaking). He finds his way home only to return to the underworld to save the day. The plot is weak and predictable, but the fun of animation isn't always in the plot.

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