Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Eye

I didn't intend to see this film after watching trailers for in the theater. However, after reading mike.holmes review of the movie. His review caused me to reconsider my original perceptions. I do not feel like I wasted my afternoon, nor did I waste the matinee ticket price. NOTE: This review will reveal minor details about the plot.

I'm starting with the special effects because they are interesting without being excessive. The aspect of this movie that reminds me of The Grudge is the use of stop and go filmography the way it was used in that movie. This film is a remake of a Chinese film of the same name. This film definitely maintains the feel of the Asian thriller. Many of the camera angles also reflected the Asian feel. Some of the scenes involved spill over between two different "realities." These scenes were very interesting utilizing special effects that were believable to create seamless scenes. There were some explosion scenes and some fire scenes that were extremely well done. One scene involves an explosion witnessed at eye level...hauntingly well done. The use of glass and fire and slow motion create great suspense.

The plot of this movie is a bit formulaic. Without giving away the actual plot, this film uses a formula reminiscent of The Sixth Sense which was original when it was first done. However, the plot doesn't try to mimic The Sixth Sensem, relying on it's own storyline. The story also reminded me a little bit of Stephen King's Insomnia. The ultimate concept at work here lies in the need to quiet the agony of the spirit of a deceased person. What makes this film work is excellent writing that avoids the pitfalls of becoming completely formulaic. Although the concepts lean a bit that direction, the writing brings a new concept to the idea and explores some different angles that haven't been done in any major films that I have seen. The dialogue is well done. There are a few points that are a bit labored in the dialogue (getting a therapist to believe you're not crazy). However, the dialogue overall was believable.

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