Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I watched Kingdom at the movie theater on opening weekend. I was looking forward to this movie, which had an action packed trailer and plenty of advertising. The movie delivered the action, but I got a little hung up on some of the sub-plots which detracted from a story that was pretty good overall.

The premise of this movie is based on events that become all too common in today's atmosphere. We have been suffering attacks on our assets in other nations for three decades now. It is an unfortunate reality of living in a dangerous world filled with extremists bent on destruction of our way of life. This could deteriorate into a political discussion, but I would rather stay on point by focusing on the fact that this movie has a basis in current events. An American compound in Saudi Arabia comes under terrorist attack, leading to an investigation by the FBI. The State Department tries to block the FBI investigation, but through political maneuvering, the FBI manages to get feet on the ground in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis try to warehouse the Agents while conducting their own investigation. The Agents, of course, end up uncovering enough details with the assistance of their local liaison. Through several breaches of protocol, the team of FBI Agents and local officer end up breaking up a terrorist cell and resolving the underlying investigation.

I like Jamie Foxx as an actor. I used to struggle watching him act, because I couldn't get that old television program In Living Color out of my head. Foxx has had a few bombs, but when he is good in a role, he is normally very good. This was definitely one of his better roles. Foxx is plays sort of a loose cannon FBI Agent and makes it work. Jennifer Garner is on Foxx's team in Saudi Arabia. I love Garner, so I am definitely biased to her roles. As always, she was great. Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman round out the major roles in this film. Ali Suliman plays the role of the local police officer that befriends the Agents in Saudi Arabia. Suliman was great in his role. This group sold the idea that they were in a contentious relationship that developed into a true friendship. The acting was spot on.

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