Monday, September 8, 2008


I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Hancock since watching the very first trailer. This was definitely on my "don't miss at the theater" list. What I was expecting to see was a reluctant superhero movie. What I got instead was much more. This film has an interesting plot twist in the middle of the film that creates a tremendous dilemma. The conflict and resolution make this film far more interesting than I originally expected. Note: This review will NOT reveal any major plot details...if you come across a review that does, you may want to wait to read the review until after you see the movie. There is not a surprise on the scale of Sixth Sense but the plot twist is worth being surprised by. The writing in this film is exceptional...for the most part. Some of the dialogue was contrived and predictable. The overall concept of this film combined with the literary devices give this film a feel that seems rooted more in a novel than a comic book hero. I liked that. Hancock tells the story of a wino Superzero who seems to find a way to save the day while leaving a wake of destruction. Hancock's history is vague with details slowly being fed to the viewer...foreshadowing the resolution of his dark background. In the process we get to witness Hancock exorcising his personal demons. The story is touching and human in spite of the superhuman plot line. The characters were well developed and I found myself caring about the outcome, whatever it might be. The acting was equally compelling in this film. Will Smith had to deal with some predictable dialogue but did an excellent job of selling it. There were a few times where I felt burdened by his acting due to the writing. Smith did a superb job of delivering his role in spite of that minor drawback. Jason Bateman plays a struggling adman who is trying to change the world. Hancock gives him the opportunity to prove his ability to create a winning image. Bateman has the innocent charm necessary to make this role believable. Charlize Theron was also exceptional in this film. Her character adds a dimension of intrigue to the film. I have never been a huge fan of Theron but gained a new appreciation for her work in this film. She did an excellent job of selling her character. Overall, the acting combined with strong writing created a cast of characters that I developed a strong attachment to.


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