Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lars And The Real Girl

There is a scene in this movie...a funeral for a pretend person, where I got choked up. I hardly ever get choked up at a movie. Okay, once in a while. But a pretend funeral? You have to buy into this movie to enjoy it. I bought in hook, line and sinker. A phenomenal story about what happens when a community joins together to help a young man heal. It is quirky, touching and amazing. I don't know if I am capable of putting together the words to adequately describe the offbeat but fantastic drama that is called Lars and the Real Girl. NOTE: This review will only reveal minor details regarding the plot.

This movie has phenomenal writing. Nancy Oliver is the screenwriter who delivered a script that was rich in dialogue and emotionally gripping. The saga moves at a snail's pace at times, but the writing is exceptional. The characters are fully developed creating a bond with the audience that is almost surreal. Only an exceptional writer could cause an emotional response from her audience at the funeral of a sex doll. DOLL...literally sex doll, the kind you order in the mail or buy at an adult novelty store. Yes, if you enjoy this movie, you will be moved by the funeral. Don't say I didn't warn you. I believed the characters and I believed the dialogue. More importantly, I cared about the characters. These are all testaments to good writing.

I recently watched Fracture which also starred Ryan Gosling. This was the first movie I remember seeing Gosling in, and I have to say that was very impressed. He plays a very difficult role to sell to an audience, but he conveys his pain and turmoil quietly and effectively. I predict that Gosling will have a very rewarding career ahead of him. He nearly carried this film himself. This movie also showcased the talents of Patricia Clarkson, Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider, and Kelli Garner. The cast delivered strong performances that combined with great writing to create a widely overlooked classic. This movie was quirky and different, but it should become a classic.

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