Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Silence Becomes You

I am sometimes amazed at my morbid curiosity when it comes to watching bad cinema. It is like watching a train wreck. You don’t exactly know why you stay tuned in…but you have to see how things turn out. I guess that would be my assessment of Silence Becomes You. Touted as a Psychological Thriller, Silence Becomes You uses a combination of color, lighting and visual effects to assist in telling a story. If only the story were worth telling.

The plot here is fairly simple. Two sisters who live together in an old house (that has its own memories) share an uncanny extra-sensory connection with each other. They hatch a plot, which is alluded to in the dialogue, to bring home a stranger so one of the girls can become pregnant and have a baby. A subject is chosen at a bar and is seduced back to the house, where he is introduced to the bizarre world that these sisters have created. Everything in conversation with these girls is a tagline borrowed from one of their father’s books (There father was a published psychologist and experimenter in the paranormal). In the process of hatching this plot a love story evolves. The story creates friction between the sisters leading to their eventual exploration of separation. The story is a meandering tale that never really connected with me.

The visual ploys were often distracting although sometimes interesting. The dialogue was sparse and often difficult to hear or understand. What dialogue existed in this movie was simplistic and unbelievable. If you allow yourself to accept the premise of the film, you are still stuck with weak dialogue and characters which are not very believable. The predictability factor in this film was fairly high considering it is presented as a psychological thriller. There are no surprises. In fact, there really aren’t any major plot twists. This story is a fairly simple straight-forward plot that gets lost in the story-telling. A bit more character development and some decent plot twists would have made this film far more entertaining. There exist allusions to a spooky past that I thought would play out somehow, but they were simply inserted to add a haunting quality to the film. They were the primary source from which I thought the ending would spring. In the end, it was simply a frivolous diversion.

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