Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Longest Yard

I first took my son to see this movie when it was playing at the movie theater. If I hadn't endured enough torture the first time around, he had to own this movie on DVD when it came out, too! The first time I saw this movie was enough for me. I guess the slapstick aspects of this movie appeals to kids.

Let me start with a caveat. I have seen a few movies where Adam Sandler has made me laugh genuine laughs. I thought he was excellent in Big Daddy, and I loved The Wedding Singer for the nostalgia. But I have also seen him bomb like a B-2 (Hopefully nobody reading this remembers Going Overboard)! Sandler co-stars with Chris Rock who gets on my nerves. I really don't find him very funny most of the time, and his humor grates on me. He has a very big fan base, which really makes me scratch my head sometimes. Burt Reynolds is cast in a small role in this movie, which I feel was nothing more than an attempt to lend legitimacy to this otherwise horrid movie.

Whenever you do a "re-make," there are going to be the obvious comparisons to the original. I saw the original, and remembered liking the original, but don't remember enough about the movie to make accurate comparisons. However, the original, however good or bad it may be, will always be the original. For a re-make to be good, it has to exceed the original, and I can guarantee that this movie did not exceed the original.

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