Tuesday, September 9, 2008

National Treasure 2

I can't really say that I'm a great Nicholas Cage fan (can anyone say ConAir? However, he has made a couple of movies that I enjoy. The first National Treasure was fun and different, if not shallow and predictable. However, it was a first take at the idea. That idea is played out. Book of Secrets is really just a weak rehash of the original movie. I would recommend waiting to see this one when it comes out on DVD. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a must-see movie, either.

I'm not going to give away the plot...it's pretty simple and easy to figure out anyway. In a nutshell, Cage is back as one man in a long line of "protectors" of America's secrets. In this movie, he must restore honor to his family name after evidence surfaces that his grandfather was involved in the plot to assassinate Lincoln. The plot was weak, as it is in most action movies. This plot tries to be intricate and interesting, but really lacks any kind of depth. Additionally, the characters are very one-dimensional, making the plot even harder to swallow. I wish they would have kept this secret.

It's hard to attack the acting when you are dealing with undeveloped characters and story line. I would say that the acting was actually pretty good given what the actors and actresses had to deal with. Again, not being a big fan of Nicholas Cage, I have to say that his acting was pretty much what I expected. Not bad. Not terrific. I think I would believe this movie more with a Harrison Ford, and a little more conflict. Justin Bartha plays Cage's lovable sidekick, who is forever (at least almost forever) lost in the shadow of the hero of the story. Diane Kruger plays the jilted love interest who rekindles their love story through the trials and tribulations of the latest hunt. Cage's pretend father, Jon Voight (an exceptional actor) plays out the same jilted love-story-with-a-happy-ending subplot with Cage's pretend mother Helen Mirren. The acting wasn't really that bad...good actors, bad writing.

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