Monday, September 8, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Yabadeba, where do I start?! I like my comedies. I am not a big fan of spoof movies that area simply strung together sketches of other movies (the Scary Movie type movies are a perfect example of what I don't like). It seems like the theaters are constantly bombarded with movies like Date Movie, Stupid Teen Movie, Superhero Movie and other garbage that runs 88 minutes long and normally only manages to illicit a small chuckle or two. Those movies are tedious to watch. I am happy to say that Tropic Thunder does not fall into that category. Tropic Thunder begins with a bunch of phony trailers that introduce us to the cast. We get to see the various members of the All Star cast in other projects to give us an idea of their background. The movie then gives way to a jungle scene with great special effects and the look and feel of any Rambo movie or Missing in Action type film. In the middle of a tense scene the camera pans around to reveal that we are actually witnessing a scene from another film. The film disintegrates into an argument over how the scene should be shot and eventually all hell breaks loose.

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