Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bucket List

I am going to start this review out with it's strongest facet. This movie had a decent plot, but the real vehicle for this movie was unbelievable dialogue. The strength of the writing is the ability to create a set of circumstances and interaction to make a rather unbelievable story palatable. The writer/director, Justin Zachman, has written and directed a couple of other films, which I have not seen. I'm surprised at this, because Zachman's screenplay is profound and touching without being labored or sappy. That's a rare quality in films that deal with strong topics like death. The use of offbeat humor and intelligent discourse keep this movie from bogging down with the wait of pity and self-loathing. The movie also leaves some questions unanswered, which is good. The closure that you get from this movie involves the main characters and the unanswered questions are secondary to the film. One of the most well written movies I have seen in a long time.

I talk about the strength of the writing as superior to the acting. Part of my reasoning lies in the fact that I expect strong performances from actors like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Either one of these actors can carry a film by themselves. However, the chemistry between these two actors was exceptional. The supporting cast also delivered strong performances, particularly Beverly Todd who plays the wife of Freeman's character. Her part really played heavily into the believability of the overall concept of the film. She was solid in her performance.

What Is A Bucket List?
A Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die (kick the bucket). This movie examines the relationship between two men who are diagnosed with only months to live, as they check things off the list before they die. In the process, they learn things about themselves they didn't know and heal past mistakes.

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