Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This movie has been playing on On Demand at my house for several weeks. It is still on the menu...but I am hoping that it will drop off soon. Don't get me wrong, it is not a terrible movie, but my son can't help but watch this film over and over again. I have probably seen this film twenty times now. The first time through it wasn't that bad. But there is only so much Sophomoric humor any one person can take. If you have adolescents or young teens, then this film may be a winner.

This film has a feel somewhere between Ferris Beuler's Day Off and anything done by National Lampoon. The writing sets up for visual gags and cheap humor. The characters are as one dimensional as you will find in a comedy like this. The plot is actually okay, although it smacks of Revenge of the Nerds pitting the losers of society against the upper crust. The writing is typical of this genre of movie, nothing new or exceptional, but presented through a new vehicle. I could take or leave the writing.

The cast was led by Justin Long who is not as lovable as the old Matthew Broderick playing Ferris Buehler. He wasn't bad, but I liked him better in Herbie Fully Loaded. Like Ferris Buehler, Long's character is skilled at manipulating adults and the world around him in general. Long sells the part okay, but the extent to which they stretch reality with the writing makes it hard to believe the acting. Long's buddy, played by Jonah Hill was a strong actor in this film. His part was more believable, and his character was about the only one that was interesting to me. Adam Herschman portrays a one-dimensional quirky friend...he has a couple of fun scenes. Columbus Short didn't impress me one way or the other, nor did Maria Thayer who is Long's love interest in this film. Lewis Black takes on the role of pretend Dean of a pretend College. He actually offered some pretty good comedy to this film. I would say that Black was probably the highlight of the acting. Beyond these characters, none of the rest stand out in the movie.

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