Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vantage Point

I would like to start by saying that I have been waiting patiently for this movie to debut. The previews for this film captivated my interest. This film was great on the big screen and should translate okay to DVD. So, how did this movie stack up to my expectations? We shall see.

The dialogue in this movie was great. The pace of this movie was frantic and the dialogue kept up with the pace. The characters were a little bit shallow and just a little bit unbelievable at times. People die in this movie and they really aren't missed. It's hard to evoke emotion when your characters don't have a connection to the audience. I thought that the plot was intricate and detailed and was the strength of this movie. I know that the concept of repeating the same footage over and over again was tiring for Mike.Holmes, I found this to be a very effective concept to tell this story. It grated on me a time or two, but overall, I liked the freshness of it (okay, I agree with Mike on that, too...there was a Groundhog Day feel to the repetition). The writing also stretched reality to it's tipping point. I will go into some of those issues separately. Overall, I thought the writing was fantastic, based primarily on the plot and not the other factors that fell short.

Forest Whitaker may be a great Director and Producer, but I like him best as an Actor. My my recently viewed film of his was Last King of Scotland, a movie that he was brilliant in. This movie is not different. Although his character, like the others, lacked depth, I always enjoy watching him work. Dennis Quaid gets the lead role in this film and does an impeccable job of selling a character that is one dimensional. I really liked Sigourney Weaver whose very brief appearance was exceptional. Matthew Fox was okay in this film but not great for me. Other than William Hurt's role as the President of the United States, none of the other actors really stood out for me. Hurt did an fantastic job in his brief role. The cast did a solid job of bringing together the elements of this film.

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