Monday, September 8, 2008

The Dark Knight

I am a fan of Superhero movies. I remember The Dark Knight when it came out in the 1980s amidst huge hype in the comic book industry. The series was believed to be an instant collectors set and the books were snatched up by enthusiasts who intended to preserve the books in plastic rather than enjoy the rich illustrations. From my recollection of the 1980s series, this movie didn't really mirror the story as much as the concept. The Dark Knight Batman was the first of many superheroes that explored the darker side of the characters. It was a throwback to the original Batman and was a brilliant move...after all, we have had a steady stream of dark characters like Wolverine, Hellboy and even Spiderman has gotten to explore his dark side. What you end up with when you develop these characters fully are deeply tiered, complex characters with a host of possible story lines. It's great fun and more importantly, the characters are interesting to watch. The Dark Knight movie does an exceptional job in delivering the way Hollywood should have been doing Superhero movies all along. The writing was exceptional in every aspect. The dialogue was rich and interesting. The characters were well developed with characteristics that the audience can identify with. The depth of dimension in the characters makes the audience care about each twist and turn of the plot. There is plenty of carnage in this film, but the audience cares about some of those who are lost in the wreckage. This movie was big budget Hollywood at it's best. Complete with gadgets and technology, the movie delivers interesting visual concepts that aren't possible combined with phenomenal special effects, seat gripping action sequences and incredible visual suspense. The camera angles, pyrotechnics, costuming and CGI all combine to provide a seamless and believable Gotham City that you feel connected to. There are plenty of big scenes that deliver the heart pumping action that draws the adrenaline crowd into the theater. Put special effects into a strong script and you get a bona fide blockbuster. Simply put, this movie was visually stunning.


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