Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lady In The Water

I am a huge fan of M. Night Shamalayan. Although I found Unbreakable to be very predictable, I enjoyed The Village, Signs, and of course, The Sixth Sense. I am very excited about the upcoming release of The Happening...the trailer for this movie has been showing up in the theater lately and I'm already hooked. Lady in the Water was panned by some critics, but I found it to be a very interesting and entertaining story.

M. Night Shamalayan has a way of creating suspense and drama that grips you and keeps you questioning until the very end of the movie. This genre of movies intrigues me and shows that Hollywood doesn't have to spoon feed you every detail of the story. Shamalayan allows the story to tell itself and trusts the audience to be intelligent enough to keep up. The dialogue in this movie is well written. The characters aren't necessarily well developed outside of the main character, but there is some misdirection in the writing that requires a certain degree of one-dimensionality from the other characters. I thought that the writing was what I have come to expect from M. Night Shamalayan. He may never be able to top The Sixth Sense, but this movie was another solid entry in his repertoire.

I could not think of a better actor that could be cast in this lead role than Paul Giametti. It was almost as if Shamalayan had Giametti in mind when he wrote this story. Don't get me wrong, Giametti has bombed in movies like Big Fat Liar which I found to be more tedious than funny. Giametti has a goofiness that is believable in this film. Bryce Dallas Howard who was in Shamalayan's The Village teams up with the Director once again. She plays a quirky character and does an excellent job. Her chemistry with Giametti is fantastic. There was a tremendous cast in this film, which had Giametti interacting with many residents of the apartment complex for which he worked. It even has M. Night Shamalan as an actor. Many of the characters were very one dimensional so it is difficult to rate each of the performances, but as a whole, the cast did a phenomenal job of selling the story. The only characters I really found myself attached to were Giametti, Howard and Cindy Cheung who plays the daughter of a key figure in this story.

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