Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shrek (Spoilers)

When did the Ogres and Dragons become the “good guys” and the (ahem) Handsome Prince become the “bad guy?” Shrek provides a modern twist on the Classic Fairy Tale, with cameo appearances from many of the traditional cast of characters (Pinnochio, Snow White, the blind mice, the three pigs, etc). The healthy dose of Americana provides comic relief for an otherwise warm, yet entirely predictable film. Bottom line: The good guy and his sidekick save the princess from marrying the evil prince.

Animation...The most striking quality of this film is the animation. The animators have provided a healthy dose of realism, without seeking photo-reality. The animated sequences are busy with small details that add a pleasant reality to the film, without losing the Fairy Tale feeling. The scenes move smoothly. The characters interact with their environment in a seemingly natural and realistic way.

Story Board...Although the story is very predictable, there are enough surprises or minute details to keep anyone interested. I am certain that if I watched this movie again, I would catch a lot of little details that I missed the first time. Other interesting aspects of the story are readily visible. Something just doesn’t seem right about the princess....the “mirror on the wall” foreshadows this by attempting to warn the prince about nighttime. In another sequence, we see the princess waking early in the morning, singing with the birds. She squeals until the bird explodes...the next scene shows her cooking the bird eggs. These details help establish the depth of the princess’ character, as well as providing an insight into her true identity.

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