Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Remember The Titans (Spoilers)

I would definitely add Remember The Titans to my list of lifetime movies. My Lifetime Movies are movies that have left an indelible impression on me. Among the other movies that grace this category are Schindler's List, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump, and Platoon. Although I have not heard much acclaim about this movie, I felt it effectively dealt with a very turbulent period in American History without delivering a political agenda.

Two high schools in Virginia are forced to integrate. This integration finds it's first opposition in the football program, because football camp takes place prior to the beginning of the school year. The white head coach feels like the in-coming black coach and his players are a threat to his already successful football program. The black coach (Denzel Washington) comes from a small North Carolina school, where he was an assistant coach. He is passed over for several head coaching positions that he was probably most qualified for. Virginia does not have a black head coach, and Washington is given the job to satisfy a quota. However, the powers that be plan to remove him at the first opportunity.

While the coaches are dealing with the dynamics of the strained decision to appoint Washington as head coach, the players are forced to overcome THEIR own biases. The players head out to camp two separate teams. One white, one black. Teamwork is emphasized while they are at football camp, and Washington's no-nonsense approach forces the players to bond. This bond seems impenetrable until they return to the real world, and are faced with the prejudices of their families and friends. However, the football program experiences huge successes, and the players find a way to remain tight.

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