Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Assault On Precinct 13 (Spoilers)

I grew up in Northwest Detroit. It was kind of nice to see a movie about my home town. The one disappointment about this film was that it did not show much of Detroit. I didn't see anything really recognizable. There was one shot of the skyline, but I felt cheated, you could barely see any of the landmarks that would make you say "yeah, that's definitely Detroit." I would have like to have seen the RenCen or Cobo Hall. What follows are my observations about Assault on Precinct 13.

Plot...I don't feel a movie is worth seeing if it doesn't have a good plot. Every other aspect of the movie is built on this platform. The plot in "Precinct" is fairly simple. A crime boss who is set to testify against a few dozen Detroit Policemen is forced to spend the night in a Precinct that is about to close it's doors. It is a snowy New Years Eve, and the bus transporting the crime boss can't navigate the slick roads. The corrupt police decide that this is their opportunity to keep the crime boss from testifying, and they attempt to extract him from the precinct. It turns into an all out battle, where the criminals being housed at the precinct end up armed (some with antiquated weapons from the evidence locker). An interesting if not unbelievable plot.

Okay, in the real world, the crime boss would have been questioned, and his information would have been presented to the Grand Jury. The police officers he fingered would most likely have been put on Administrative Leave pending completion of an Internal Affairs investigation. However, the story somewhat addresses that scenario, by initially showing the crime boss as uncooperative. Apparently, the bad cops are hedging their bets by eliminating the possibility that this ruthless killer will turn snitch. Overall, the plot was well constructed and attempted to head off some of these questions.

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