Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Patriot (Spoilers)

watched this movie on video for the first time today. I wanted to see it while it was in the theater, but never got the chance. I'm glad I took the time to rent it, and wish I had been able to see it on the big screen. I am certain that the battle scenes would have been much more dramatic in theater proportions. I wonder how much artistic license this movie took with history. Although I don't know the answer, the thing I DO know is that this movie was exceptional.

I hate going to see a movie, only to find that it lacks plot, depth of characters, realism and believability. I guess that the musical scores have an effect on the overall experience, but I normally don't pay them much attention. In this respect, The Patriot delivers. The casting, script, acting and cinematography are great.

It is interesting that Mel Gibson was cast as the lead character. It seems that he is an Australian, playing an American patriot. There must be a parallel there somewhere... There are a host of supporting actors, which often bogs a film down. Gibson has several children, and leads a motley band of Militia men. In spite of the numerous characters, the writers are careful to develop well-rounded characters that seem much more than one-dimensional props.

The script does an excellent job of drawing viewers in. Although the movie starts slowly, and tends to be boring, initially, it manages to deliver eventually. Gibson does not want to fight England, because he feels the responsibilities of being a single father are too important to compromise. He is a respected veteran of the "Wilderness Campaign" and disappoints many townspeople with his decision. However, the war soon comes to his back yard, and his fifteen year old son is slaughtered by a ruthless English Colonel. The Colonel is the only main character that is one-dimensional. However, that aids the script, because the movie becomes a personal vendetta between Gibson and the Colonel.

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