Monday, July 27, 2009


Okay...I'm a sucker, too. I'm one of those movie-goers who contributed to the phenomenal weekend at the box office for G-Force. But I demand a recount. Just because my three tickets counted as three votes, I want to recast them for Harry Potter. If I had it to do over many of those who went to see this stinker...I would have spent the money on the young magician. And to think I paid the extra two dollars per ticket to see this crap in 3-D!

My issue with G-Force has nothing to do with the cute factor. The film gets five stars for cute. But I expect at least one original or unexpected line in a movie. I do not want to sit through an hour and a half of Disney rehash watching a formulaic plot unravel in unoriginal and predictable blandness. That was the major fallacy of this film...what promised to be Disney magic didn't even fizzle. This forgettable film had nothing new to offer. Even the fart jokes were lame.

I am going to give G-Force credit for the animation and a couple of the actors. The animation was certainly cute, seamless and (ahem) believable. The integration of the characters was done exceptionally well. I like Steve Buscemi in just about anything he does...especially the annoying roles he tends to gravitate to. His bit part in this film was the closest thing to original this film had...but it was a minor diversion with only a slight contribution to the overall plot. I've liked Nicholas Cage in a few films...and have had to admit he has grown on me a bit. He was utterly repulsive in this film. Even though it was voice sounded hammy and contrived.

G-Force tries to survive on great animation while shortcutting on plot. With the number of writers (Cormac and Marianne Wibberly, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio and Tim Firth developed the screenplay from Hoyt Yeatman's story) you might think that there would be some fresh ideas sprouting from somewhere. A spark of inspiration or a plot twist that no one would expect. Instead, the plot unravels like a first grade reader. In a nutshell, specially trained animals are looking to earn their rank among the elite government investigators by solving a major crime. They face setbacks but use their teamwork to solve the caper before their funding is cut. And there is a twist...although predictable...I will leave that for the viewer to figure out...just in case a first grader might be reading this.

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