Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is like many documentaries. Ben Stein acts as the host, taking viewers along on interviews. The interviews center around the discussion of Intelligent Design, with viewpoints explored from both sides of the argument. Stein exposes the complete intolerance in science for any point of view that challenges or threatens the Theory of Evolution. Because this film is a documentary, I will examine the content more closely than the style.

One of the points that Stein brings to light is that advocates of Intelligent Design are not Creationists. I did not know that. The media connects the two so firmly at the hip, that independent thought on the subject is never pursued. Not until I heard it directly from the strongest supporters of the ID theory did I realize that there is a disconnect between what is reported in the media and what Intelligent Design actually believes.

Ben Stein squares off with establishment science, highlighting several cases were scientists have been censured, denied tenure or simply asked to resign over the mere discussion of Intelligent Design as a theory that should be explored. A news reporter was also relieved for her examination of the subject. It seems that those in the field of science who are staunch Darwinists see Intelligent Design as an attempt to get God and Creationism into the classroom. For that reason, no discussion is allowed. Any proponent of Intelligent Design becomes anathema to the scientific field. It is equivalent to scientific excommunication.

After presenting the opposing arguments regarding Intelligent Design, Stein explores the role of Darwinism in Hitler's Final Solution. It is a big step to take, but certainly highlights the danger in espousing a viewpoint without considering the consequences or alternatives. Also in line with Darwin's theory, the United States involuntarily sterilized 50,000 human beings in a social experiment called Eugenics. Stein points out the flaws in Darwinism, yet cannot seem to move the ball forward against establishment science, who cling to their beliefs with religious fervor.

Yes, I referred to the scientific fervor over Darwinism as Religious. The "theory" does, after all, require faith. Isn't that the cornerstone of religion. I heard several top scientists try to explain the origins of life...the lofty claim that Darwin tried to make. So how did (at the very least) 250 chemical compounds arrange themselves in exactly the correct sequence to become life? To make me believe that this was an accident is impossible. That would be like saying you dumped 250 car parts into a tank and shook it up...causing all the parts to line up and make a car. It just does not make sense. DO these top scientists explain it?

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For anyone interested in learning more about Intelligent Design and the Theory of Evolution from the other perspective, resources are available through a PBS Special at:

A website in opposition to this film has been set up at for additional information regarding this film, ID and TOE.

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