Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Luck Chuck

Movies often feel like they are targeted with a specific audience in mind. Watching Good Luck Chuck, I couldn't help but think that this movie was meant for the Animal House crowd. Not the people that enjoyed watching the film Animal House...but the students that lived there. Although Good Luck Chuck had the makings of a good romantic comedy, the overwhelming sex and nudity seemed a meager attempt to make up for an otherwise tepid script.

A game of spin-the-bottle ends horribly when Charlie (Connor Price) rebuffs an agressive goth girl (Sasha Pieterse). The girl places a curse on Charlie which follows him into adulthood. The adult Charlie (Dane Cook) works as a Dentist. His dental practice grows exponentially when word spreads among single women that a date with Charlie will be followed by true love. The next man a woman dates after Charlie will be their true love. It would be a dream come true for Charlie's bonehead friend Stu (Dan Fogler), a perverted plastic surgeon.

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Charlie decides to take advantage of his situation, exploring the willingness of women to believe in the curse by engaging in numerous tawdry short-lived trysts. However, Charlie isn't satisfied by the constant sex. He wants his own relationship, white-picket fence and all. Charlie meets an accident-prone penguin lady named Cam (Jessica Alba) who is afraid to enter into a relationship. Cam seems Charlie's best bet for a meaningful relationship. In order to get Cam, Charlie must figure out how to break the spell. Charlie stoops to some stomach-wrenching levels for love.

Good Luck Chuck appears to confuse sex for romance and gross for comedy. And therein lies my biggest problem with this film. The premise was okay. But developing the concept in the framework of a romantic comedy seemed to be forced. If you think sex with a grapefruit is funny, you will like this film. If you find sex with a morbidly obese woman covered in boils to be humorous, then rent the video. I found some of the attempts at comedy to be disgusting.

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