Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dorm Daze 2

I did not watch Dorm Daze, so I really did not know what to expect going into this film, other than the fact that it was a National Lampoon film. National Lampoon can be hit or miss. I guess National Lampoon without Chevy Chase is like cereal without milk. This movie just didn't have the oomph to hold my interest. A good clue regarding the quality of this film, if I had been paying attention, may have been the name "Kato Kaelin" in the credits.

Kato Kaelin actually had a minor role in this film. His line "I like boobs" was credible, but far from an artistic stretch. Who doesn't like boobs? I don't mind nudity in a film...in fact, I welcome it. But there is a fine line between art and pornography....this film bordered on pornography. The quality of the film, the dialogue and the constant need to find a way to insert nudity and sexual themes over shadowed the mediocre comedy.

The writers of this film, Worm Miller and Patrick Casey also have roles in the film...Brady and Mike, respectively. The plot centers around a College Cruise, a precious gem and a theatrical competition. The combination of factors converge to create inane situations that are attempts at humor. The comedy might work if it didn't borrow so heavily from other films. There was nothing new or original about this film. The characters were flat, the dialogue was hackneyed and the plot was barely visible. It seemed like a college free for all on a boat, with some plot lines thrown in for good measure. It wasn't very funny, was predictable and failed to measure up on any level. A look at the American Pie series might have helped the writers. American Pie was a very sensual group films, but the plot kept everything in context. It seemed like this film was striving for that type of humor without the intellect.

The acting was equally weak. There were no performances that I could point to that seemed credible. The characters were so flat I don't know if the cast could have done anything to save this film. The writers wrote themselves into the script, but did not impress me any...at least write yourself a good role. An idea about the thought process in the casting might be the selection of two porn stars, one for a major role. The Ship Captain's wife (Jasmine St. Claire) likes to invite men to her room, her large (obviously fake) breasts are given a starring role. I guess this was the Queen of Gang Bongs' attempt to go legit. She was joined by former Playboy Playmates, Katie Lohmann and Vida Guerra. None of the other cast members are worth mentioning.

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